Inaugural Post

I can only hope if you are reading this that, like me, you are procrastinating from something else you should be doing with your time.  I’m not sure what corner of my brain directed me to over commit my summer to teaching a lab (mostly to kids who couldn’t care less about geology…although maybe they could since they did choose it over another science credit: alarming), working at an internship with the city (easily the most enjoyable), and finishing my Master’s thesis (soul-crushing obligation I’m in too deep to shirk). The time I’m currently wasting has been allotted for the thesis, but obviously it is what is suffering in my summer trifecta of busy-ness since it is the most important.  And what am I doing instead?  Focusing intently on fonts for my as-yet unread blog and HTML coding that I’m sure the nearest high schooler understands better than me.

But I am determined to produce something other than just changing the fonts (seriously….harder than I thought it would be!), so I will offer the inspiration for my blog’s name:

I’m a grammar-nazi.  And although the recent trendy hyperbolic use of “literally” by the masses isn’t exactly a grammatical issue, it has the same power to lower my faith in humanity as mixups of there/their/they’re.  Except when Chris Traeger uses it…he’s just so damn happy I can’t be mad.  So…remember: 

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