Filibuster City

Wendy Davis is kicking ass.

Austin tends to be home to lots of non-Texans who move here for its undeniable “cool factor” and thriving economy.  A lot of my acquaintances who fall under this category tend to look on the rest of my beloved Texas as a sea of ignorance.  As a young and progressive woman, I’ve been on the wrong side of the whole “good ol’ boy” thing too many times, but my state is so much more than that. Regardless of politics, Texans exemplify strength and tenacity, and Wendy Davis is the embodiment of both as she filibusters this bill.

Go her–I will never understand how the people who think merely registering their guns is an infringement on the second amendment can also think it’s okay to ACTUALLY infringe on the rights of other people to get married or make decisions about their own baby-growing organs.