I’ve done the unthinkable…

…and gotten a Twitter account.  I know, I’ve said it was ridiculous and self-indulgent and emboldened narcissism, but I had the best of intentions.  You see, with all the chaos following Wendy Davis’s inspiring defense of women’s reproductive rights the other night (more on that another time), I was getting antsy trying to figure out if the facts (the session was indeed over when a partial vote was called) were going to make any difference after all of the other shady politicking that had gone on.  I tried searching on Twitter, but that was a bit difficult to maneuver without having an account.  It still is for me.  I’m a 26 year old who can’t use basic social media That shit is not intuitive.

So I bit the bullet and signed up for an account. As predicted, the first people it told me to follow were celebrities like Paris Hilton and Brittney Spears. But after adding the feeds of more substantive members of society, my faith in humanity was somewhat restored and I sent my first 140 character thought out into the twittersphere.  For the record, the president’s twitter feed is run by his campaign team, who appear to be a bunch of 13 year old girls:

Might want to rethink terms like “epic selfie.” Anyway, if you feel like following me I’m @literallylinds.  I won’t pretend that I expect to post things often, but I promise not to use the space on your feed to tell you I like cookies either, so at least there’s something to rejoice about right?

4 thoughts on “I’ve done the unthinkable…

  1. I’m happy you joined Twitter!

    Now I have someone from home who’ll admire my pictures of the river. Lol. 🙂

    Tweet at you soon!

    (You have a great blog! I love the font & colors!)

    • Thanks 🙂 It took me hours though even after your help–it will be many moons before I have your talents for changing things so quickly. And yes I love river pics!!

      Also…we punked out on the Watermelon Thump. I enjoyed the A.C. instead

  2. I heard the Thump was crazy because everyone and their mom wanted to see RRB. I think you made a good decision!

    Did you get any rain? It rained about a half an inch here this morning. It was nice to have a “cool down” day. Haha.

    Are you going to the Capitol tomorrow any?

    (You’ll get good at HTML soon!)

    • I’ll have to see. I normally leave my internship a little before two and bike (through the capitol) to teach by 2:30. I might try and finish up some stuff early so I can stay for a little while on my way through. Will just have to wait and see. Somehow I don’t think I’d have much luck doing my typical bike through the shady trees on the grounds tomorrow anyway–haha!

      Did get some rain–probably right about half an inch at my house too

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