A Carefree Thanksgiving

I’m about to embark on my 2nd ever Thanksgiving that in no way involves cooking on my part…only this time I’m pretty excited about it!  The first time reeked of unmet expectations as a procrastinating 18 year old me was forced to stay home and finish up college scholarship essays while the rest of my family went to Houston (man, I sure am glad THAT has changed…it’s not like I’m writing this while I should be working on my big talk for AGU…oh wait). I ate at Cracker Barrel with my Grandma after submitting all my essays, which was fine and we had a good time, but was disappointing in that I knew we were only doing it because I had been such a procrastinating fool (at least I got a scholarship though, right?). Side note: college admissions and scholarship prompts are terrible…at least on the Texas Common Application…of course this shouldn’t really surprise anyone.

This time is actually my preference though. Christopher (who is writing an excellent inspiring and hilarious account of our John Muir Trail hike here if you’re so inclined for some comic relief tomorrow after receiving ample criticism from relatives) is working late tonight, and has to get to work at 6:30 am on Friday, making a trip anywhere not so desirable, even just to San Marcos for the day. Added to that is the fact that we haven’t had the same day off unencumbered by some obligation or another in I don’t know how long. Instead we are going to let the Alamo Drafthouse feed us Thanksgiving dinner while we watch Matthew McConaughey try to save himself and others from AIDS, and spend the rest of the day doing whatever else we want.  I love the fam, and I’ll be happy to see them this weekend, but it’s going to be nice to not have that visit marred by the stress that comes with the obligatory cooking of a massive meal for not-even-that-many people.

No matter how you may be spending your day, I hope it meets all of your highest expectations and reminds you of everything good in your life…and if it doesn’t, be thankful for wine 🙂