Anger and Injustice

I’ve been struggling with the complete lack of justice served for Eric Garner’s murder ever since I saw the news on Thursday morning – and this is coming from someone who doesn’t usually let what is happening in the news affect her personally. Seems I only write these days when I’m trying to process crap or argue something – sorry I’m not more entertaining.

The thing is, I never posted or shared much opinion in general about the Ferguson case because of the ambiguity*.  But Eric Garner?  There is video evidence of his completely non-threatening demeanor and language.  Video. Fucking. Evidence…of his even using the word “please” when telling the officers not to touch him only seconds before 4 men take him down and proceed to strangle him while he tells them he can’t breathe.  What the fuck.  And I thought writing about this would help me process it, but really all I’m feeling is like Earth will breathe a sigh of relief when our shit species kills itself off.

So really…fuck off, grand jury.  Fuck off, cops who thought it was a good idea to pursue some bogus charges about black market cigarettes when there are ACTUAL financial/tax crimes to the tune of billions of dollars occurring every fucking day a few miles away on Wall Street, that you don’t do a damn thing about.  Fuck off, society where Kim Kardashian’s photoshopped ass gets more attention from the masses than a man’s murder by the very people who are supposed to protect him.

I’m just so sick and tired of garbage like this happening.  And as was noted yesterday…I still get to wake up in this shit society tomorrow and be white.


*A young, unarmed man shot six times obviously doesn’t scream “ethics and appropriate use of force!”.  But, mild as the officer’s wounds may have appeared in those photos, he was clearly assaulted at some point in the kerfuffle.  I would never suggest that this justified Michael Brown’s death, but it certainly takes away from some of the opposing testimony.  My friends and family who work in law enforcement generally have a goal to come home alive from work every day; so while six shots at an unarmed teenager is obviously unnecessary, I would never presume to know how I’d react if someone punched me in the face and was trying to wrench a gun from my hands – which none of us can even know happened.  Only a few people know what actually happened, and one of them is now dead, which speaks volumes in itself.  So I didn’t feel like I had the information or right to go blabbing my mouth about something with conflicting evidence and testimony, much of which I haven’t actually seen.  Tragedy?  Of course.  Clear cut situation? No.


One thought on “Anger and Injustice

  1. Ughhhh, that makes me angry. I hate the news so much that I very rarely watch it. I’m awful, I know but that makes me so effing pissed. That and the growing prank of throwing rocks off highways is making my blood boil. I saw a picture of a girl today who had to have surgery on her head from a rock thrown off a highway. Fuck’s sake, people. Fuck’s sake.

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