Greetings y’all,image (1)

I’m Lindsey. Welcome to my corner of the interweb.  I used to enjoy writing a lot, and then somewhere along the way (most likely after hearing rhetoric abused by politicians) I became a scientist. Now I study the earth and only get to officially communicate in the dry way that probably drove you away from my career path in the first place. Science itself isn’t boring, it’s actually awe-inspiring on a daily basis–it just gets conveyed with forced passive voice and third person perspective to the point of insanity.  This is literally (I mean that in the dictionary sense of the word, not the Chris Traeger* sense) my refuge to be as silly and sarcastic and biased as I want. I’d love to get to know you!

*If you don’t already know who Chris Traeger is, then you need to plop yourself down in front of Netflix and watch all the seasons of “Parks and Recreation” pronto.